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  • Where are you based?
    Our community is based in Switzerland. We have a prayer and community centre in Eglisau, which is named in honour of Eli Haroun.
  • Can I join your community?
    Yes, you can. Please have a look at the "Contact and Membership" section for a detailed overview of the options we offer. Please be aware that we are a JEWISH community. There is no association with Karalyers, Crimean Karaite.
  • Where can I get further information online?
  • Do you have a reading list with books you recommend?
    TaNaKh - Koren Jerusalem Bible As it is written - a brief case for Karaism Royal Attire - Karaite and Rabbinate Beliefs Karaite Anthology
  • Do you have a synagogue I can visit?
    We have a prayer room in Eglisau, Switzerland. If you would like to visit us, please write us an Email.
  • Purity laws for entering a prayer room
    Major and Minor impurities: one is not allowed to enter a prayer room / synagogue. One needs to go through the proper purification process in order to be able to enter a prayer room / synagogue.
  • I would like to convert to Karaite Judaism. Is this possible?
    Yes it is. You will need to first attend a one and half year online course in Karaite Jewish Studies at the Karaite Jewish University. In August 2022 we celebrated our first conversion ceremony here in Eglisau. After successful completion, you will need to join us for a Shabbaton in Eglisau, Switzerland or Daly City, San Francisco USA.
  • I am already Jewish. Do I still need to convert?
    Conversion is here the wrong word, affiliation is more to the point. You will also need to take part in the Karaite Jewish studies course provided by the Karaite Jewish University. After successful completion, you will need to attend a service at one of our synagogues, in Israel, Europe or the US.
  • What are the main differences between Karaite and Rabbinate Judaism?
    The main differences would be in regards to some holidays and on how to celebrate them, calendar, status of woman, acceptance of patrilineal line, role of authority (in the Rabbinate world Rabbi) and most importantly, the rejection of the man made oral law.
  • Are woman allowed to lead services?
    Absolutely, yes they are. In Karaite Judaism woman and men are equal in every aspect.
  • Do Karaites follow a religious authorities?
    As of today, no.
  • Why don't Karaites wear a Kippah the whole time like the orthodoxe?
    There is no law in the Torah that one should cover ones head. In fact, one should wear Tzitziot. However, with time Kippot have become also compulsory in synagogues, at wedding etc.
  • Do you celebrate Chanukka? Purim?
    Purim yes, eventhough it is not mentioned in the Torah, it is mentioned in the Tanackh. Channuka on the other side is not mentioned in either and therefore the answer is no. As so often, people do have differents takes on this matter and there are some that celebrate Channuka. What is important though, is that if you do, do not say the Rabbinate prayer, as G*d did not command us to light the candles.
  • Does a Karaite wedding differ to a Rabbinate one?
    The main difference is the Kettuba: Woman can also be witnesses and there is a tradition of 10 witnesses signing it. There are other smaller differences, especially in aspects of the role of the woman, which as I mentioned in a different section, is one to one to the man.
  • Can I get married the whole year around? Or are there dates one shouldn't get married?
    Yes, but there are obvious restrictions: Shabbat, holidays and the from the mid of the 4th month - Tammuz till the mid of the fifth month - Av
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