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The new moon was not sighted on Thursday and therefore the 4th month - Tammuz - falls by default on Friday evening.

On Sunday the 24th of June we are commemorating the breaching for the first time of the walls of Jerusalem during the reign of the Kingdom of Zedekiah. This is the fast of the 4th month.

Following our successful first lecture, we are organising a second online lecture on Sunday the 15h of July. Hakham Meir will be holding an online lecture about "Fast days and their customs" at 4 CET. The lecture will be followed by an open Q&A session.

Costs are CHF 25,- per participant. Please use the paypal button at the "contact and support us" section for payment.

Also, the Karaite Jewish University will commence its "Karaite Jewish Studies" course on the 1st of July, If you are interested in attending this year long course, please contact me or the KJU directly.


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